Special thanks

Special thanks go to:

Tomasz Stanczak:

For giving a lot of advices (not only on yawebmail).

Bill Shannon (bshannon from JavaMail-forum):

For pointing out some ingenious soluions for JavaMail-problems.

Marco Martin (mart from http://www.notmart.org/):

For the nifty icons used in yawebmail (Glaze on KDE-LOOK.org).

All developers of JavaMail:

For providing this very helpful framework.

All translators of yawebmail:

Daria Sann (russian), Håkan Andersson (swedish), Vinícius Oliveira Janones (esperanto and portuguese), Po Liang (梁泊) (chinese), Vincenzo Martiello (italian), Ivan Petrović (serbian), Victor Sanchez (spanish) and Tomasz Stanczak (polish)

Christian Linhart (Maintainer of the DemoRecorder):

For the donation of a DemoRecorder-licence.

Luke Schemonia:

For experimentation and feedback on IMAP-functionality.