Translate language-file

To add a new language to yawebmail, you only need to translate one file into the desired language.

Within the WAR-archive* you find the directory


where several language-files are located (e.g. "" or ""). The two letters previous to the dot conform to the ISO-language-code (List of ISO-language-codes).

Make a copy of any language-file into the target-file "" into the same directory and do the translations.

* Find hints to (un-)pack the WAR-archive here.

Mail and/or add the language-file

The simplest way is to mail the translated file to the eMail-Address found in the language-files. It will be adopted into the next release of yawebmail then.

If you don't want to wait, you can add the language-file yourself (in this case please mail the translation anyway, so others can take advantage of your work, too):

  1. If not happened yet, copy the translated file into the language-file-directory (see above).
  2. Within the directory "WEB-INF" you find the file "myfaces-config.xml". Add a new "supported-locale" entry under "locale-config" there.
  3. Restart your Servlet-container.