SMTP properties

The SMTP properties allow you to adjust the SMTP-server(s) and -port the user can connect to. You may want to limit the choice of your users to prevent them from sending spam via your application-server.

SMTP-host-choice "free":

The user will be allowed to choose any SMTP-server for his mail to be send. This setting should be handled with care, since users could abuse your application-server to send spam.

SMTP-host-choice "domain" (default):

The user will be allowed to choose a SMTP-server within the domain of the mailbox-host (for example if the user has a mailbox host "pop.domain.tld", he will be able to choose a SMTP-server within the domain "domain.tld"). This considerably reduces the the users chance to send spam by dint of your server.

SMTP-host-choice "none":

The user can only use the SMTP-host you allow. With this setting you also have to specify the properties "forced_smtp_host_name" and "forced_smtp_host_port".

Howto change SMTP properties

  1. Deploy yawebmail.war
  2. Your Servlet-container will unpack the yawebmail.war into a normal directory (Tomcat will create "TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/yawebmail/").
  3. Change into the created directory. If you can't find it, undeploy the WAR-file and unpack it by yourself ("jar -xf yawebmail.war").
  4. Change into "WEB-INF/classes/de/lotk/yawebmail/properties/" and open "" with your favorite text-editor.
  5. The settings within "" are self-describing. Change them to your desired values. Don't forget to save the changes.
  6. Restart your Servlet-container (or re-pack and re-deploy your modified WAR-file if you chose the "unpack yourself"-approach).