What are the system requirements for yawebmail?

yawebmail minimal requires a JVM of Java-version 1.5 and a Servlet-Container conforming to the Servlet-Specification 2.4 / JSP-Specification 2.0

Which (web-)application-server do fulfill these requirements?

yawebmail is developed and tested under Tomcat 5.5, but these ones should do the job for you too (if you encounter problems, please report them):

- Tomcat since version 5.5

- JBoss since version 4.0.2 (Tomcat 5.5.x included)

- Apache Geronimo since version 1.0

- Bea Weblogic since version 9

Feel free to report others.

Problems at installation / deployment / first start

I'm getting exceptions like "StartupServletContextListener" and/or "faces-initialization does not work" on deployment/server-start. Why?

May it be that you downloaded the ""-file instead of the ""-file and deployed the directory "applications/yawebmail"?

If so, please download "" and deploy the yawebmail.war-file with your servlet-container.

I deployed the yawebmail.war with my servlet-container, but when I try to access the application I get exceptions. What's it?

Many problems with yawebmail are permission-problems. For Tomcat (especially if you don't find a logfile in /logs) try this:


as root:

chown -R #insert-tomcat-user-here#:#insert-tomcat-user-group-here# /path/to/tomcat

as tomcat-user:


If the exception occurs again, check:


I set the permissions like suggested. I still get Exceptions. What else can I do?

Check your path-settings and Java-version. Maybe there is a wrong path or version set for your Tomcat-user (and some Linux-installations deliver a broken java-link in /usr/bin/java):

your-machine:~# su - #insert-tomcat-user-here#

(Don't forget the "-" to load the environment of your Tomcat-user.)

tomcat@your-machine:~$ env





tomcat@your-machine:~$ java -version

Nothing helped. What now?

Post your problem along with your OS, Java-version, servlet-container-version and a stacktrace on the forum:

Other problems

I'm getting a "javax.servlet.ServletException: Java heap space" when I try to open a message. What's this?

When a message is fetched to be displayed, it has to be loaded into the server-memory in whole. So if it is a message with a big attachment, it can exceed the size of memory that is allocated to your application-server. You can try to set the commandline-options

-Xms64m -Xmx1024m

in your application-server startscript (see "java -X" to get help on this options and adjust the values to your (hardware-)memory).

I'm not able to log into a SSL-mailaccount (POP3S, IMAPS) with my own yawebmail-installation ("Connection to host "x.tld" on port X could not be established.")!?

If you're able to connect with the yawebmail-"Test drive" installation using the same login-data, the problem may be caused by a ("java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty" (this can only be detected by remote-debugging)).

Some Java-installations (like diablo-jdk1.6.0 on FreeBSD) have a kind of broken "cacerts"-file in "JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security". Replace this file with a working version (the JRE- and JDK-Downloads from should all contain valid ones). Don't forget to backup the original one (just in case you run into trouble with the replacement).


Why is the WAR-file so big?

This is because of the needed JAR-files (for JSF (myFaces), Javamail, Jakarta-Commons, etc.). The actual yawebmail-classes only take about 5% of the WAR-filesize.