Logon properties

If you are planning to provide yawebmail to a closed circle of users and only want to use them a specific mail-server you can adjust the logon properties in these ways:


The POP3- and IMAP-port-numbers yawebmail uses to connect.

Preselected mailbox-host:

Preselect a specific mailbox-host to connect to.

Force preselected mailbox-host:

Users will not be able to change the mailbox-host to connect to. The preselected one will be enforced.

Preselected mailbox-protocol:

Preselect a specific mailbox-protocol to connect with.

Force preselected mailbox-protocol:

Users will not be able to change the mailbox-protocol to connect with. The preselected one will be enforced.

Howto change logon properties

  1. Deploy yawebmail.war
  2. Your Servlet-container will unpack the yawebmail.war into a normal directory (Tomcat will create "TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/yawebmail/").
  3. Change into the created directory. If you can't find it, undeploy the WAR-file and unpack it by yourself ("jar -xf yawebmail.war").
  4. Change into "WEB-INF/classes/de/lotk/yawebmail/properties/" and open "logon.properties" with your favorite text-editor.
  5. The settings within "logon.properties" are self-describing. Change them to your desired values. Don't forget to save the changes.
  6. Restart your Servlet-container (or re-pack and re-deploy your modified WAR-file if you chose the "unpack yourself"-approach).